Quartzite White Stallion Nuvo

Stone Surfaces for Kitchen, Granite, Quartz, Quartzite, Marble Fabrication and installation

quartzite white stallion nuvo level 3

Quartzite White Stallion Nuvo

Quartzite White Stallion Nuvo: features a gray background with sweeping hint of brown and black colors. This natural stone has the look of marble, but it’s known for greater excellent durability. Its veining creates elegant movement while the colors blend with any design; makes an ideal countertop surface – resists scratching and etching. It will provide literally centuries of beauty and service whether it’s on the floor, a backsplash, or on a countertop.

Stone Slab Material: Quartzite
Name: White Stallion Nuvo
Level: 3
Status: New Arrival

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